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Data collection

To create user accounts, the HRZ requires some information from the individual, this is used as follows.

First name, last name, date of birth

The combination of first name, last name and date of birth is used to uniquely identify the person. First name and surname form the front part of the email address.

Academic degrees, gender

The academic degrees and gender are used in automated letters for correct addressing.


A biometric photo is required to generate the CampusCard.

You can upload a presentation photo for the Team-Info in the eIDentity Portal. You can bring your presentation photo in portrait format into the appropriate format (H133 x W100 pixels, upright, max. 60kB) with this Tool.

Place of study, organisational unit, group of persons

These attributes are used to map access rights on file systems and in applications.

SAP number

In the case of university members, the SAP number is used for comparison with the personnel department.

Responsible person

A responsible person must be named for all user accounts that have not been created via the Human Resources Department or Student Affairs. This person is responsible for the legality of the creation of a user account.

Start of contract, end of contract

With the attributes start of contract and end of contract, the user account of a user is activated or blocked and finally deleted in order to fulfil contractual conditions. The points in time at which a user account is locked or deleted can be found in the Identity Management topic.


In the remarks field, further information can be sent to us (e.g. information about the course etc…).

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