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At the Jade University, the user name always consists of a combination of 2 letters followed by 4 digits:

  • 2 letters: These are formed from the first two characters of the first name. The advantage here is that the user account when changing the name by e.g. Marriage does not need to be changed.
  • 4 digits: anonymous, sequential number, divided into 3 areas:
    • 1000-1999: Members and Relatives of the Jade University - “Employees”
    • 2000-8999: Members of the Jade University - “Students”
    • 9000-9999: Other persons according to the IT usage regulations

To use all the services offered by the HRZ, you usually have to log in with the help of your access data, consisting of user name and password.

The services are provided with the help of software from different manufacturers, the used software requires a different connection to an identity management system (IDM) due to its technical implementation. Therefore, the HRZ at the Jade University operates with two identity management systems that meet the different requirements of the services and can thus confirm the combinations of user name and password.

For this reason, the user name differs when logging on to a service, and the required form of registration is described for each service. The following forms of registration exist:

Standard Login

Registration takes place in the form of “user name”. You only enter the user name specified in the access data in the corresponding field.

  • Example:
    • User name: ma1150

Domain Login

Registration takes place in the form “”. Enter the user name specified in the access data - supplemented by the - in the corresponding field.

  • Example:
    • User name:

An older spelling of the domain registration is the form “HS-WOE \ username”, but this is usually no longer required.

  • Example:
    • User name: HS-WOE\ma1150


  • The domain HS-WOE / came from the legal name “Hochschule Wilhelmshaven/Oldenburg/Elsfleth” of the Jade University. When the university was founded on September 1st, 2009, the term “Jade University” did not yet exist
  • Domain registration is not to be confused with an email address:
    • Domain registrations always ends with at the Jade University
    • e-mail-addresses at the Jade University always end with, respectively
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