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To meet the need in terms of flexibility and mobility in email management, contact management and appointment / task scheduling, the Jade University Computing Center runs a Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 system as an enterprise messaging platform.

The Exchange Server 2019 system provides unified access across smartphone, tablet, desktop and the web, allowing you to be productive virtually anywhere and manage your email, contacts, tasks, appointments and other notifications.

In addition to its extensive messaging capabilities, Exchange Server also offers the ability to enhance work within project or work groups. For example, you can coordinate joint schedules, control tasks in a decentralized manner, or make information available to group members centrally, thus accelerating team workflows.

If you need further information about the e-mail system or have any questions, please contact the colleagues at the University Computer Center at your respective location.

Access to Exchange Inboxes

There are different mechanisms and protocols povided for you to gain access to your Exchange inbox:

  • Outlook Web App:
    A comfortable web surface that works irrespective of the used browser

  • MAPI over HTTP:
    Access based on HTTPS for current Microsoft Outlook Clients (2016/2019 or 365)

  • Exchange Web Services (EWS):
    Access based on HTTPS, e.g. for Microsoft Outlook Clients for MAC, Evolution (via AddON)

  • Exchange ActiveSync (EAS):
    Synchronisation protocol based on HTTPS and XML for further e-mail clients. e.g. Microsoft Windows Mail, Apple macOS Mail etc., as well as mobile end devices with operating systems such as e.g. Apple iOS or Google Android

    Classic access protocol for e-mail clients such as e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird

Set-Up of E-Mail Clients

The set-up of an e-mail client only differs by means of the utilised access mechanism or access protocol.

Further information about the most important set-up parameters, as well as a set-up instruction for established e-mail clients can be found here: Set-Up of E-Mail Clients.

Conceptional Structure of the Exchange 2019 System

The conceptional structure of the highly available Exchange 2019 System can be looked at in the following overwiev:

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