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Data Drives

Drives on Devices Within the Network System of Computers

For devices, which are integrated into the PC-network system, all network drives that are pictured among the drive concept are automatically connected and can be used with aid of the Windows explorer.

Drives on Devices outside the Network System of Computers

For devices that are not integrated in the PC network system (e.g. notebooks), the data drives within the university can be accessed via a network drive. You can also access via the WebFiler, especially if you are outside the university.

Restoration of Files and Folders

You can execute the restoration of files and folders on the drives within the PC-network system by yourself. It can be done with aid of the function “Previous Versions” in the Windows explorer. Deleted files are not actually deleted on our data servers, but instead marked as deleted. This is why they can be restored by using the function “Previous Version”. Not until the physical storage of our servers is used up, the server begins to actively delete files. In doing so, files marked as deleted for the longest time are deleted first. This way it is ensured that files, which have been marked as deleted shortly, are truly possible to restore.

Execute the following steps in the Windows explorer:

  • Use the right mouse button to click on the folder, in which your file was deleted, and select “Characteristics”.
  • Go to the tab “previous version”
  • Click on the folder, whose alteration date is shortly before the evitable deletion.
  • Click on the button “Open”. A second Windows Explorer window will open up.
  • Now copy the desired files or folders of the second window and paste it into the first one.
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