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Drive Concept

By integrating your device into the network system of computers, you will automatically get provided with a drive and folders. You can use them with aid of your Windows explorer after the login into the system. Generally, there are two drives offered for the storing of data:

Home-drive : JADE-HS - Home (Z:)

The home-drive is your personal drive, for which you are the only authorised person. Here, you save data that is not supposed to be accessible to anyone but you. Additionally, the university computing centre uses this drive to save configuration information of the software products used by you. The drive Z:\ has been assigned a size of 5GB from the beginning, but it can be enlarged by a formless application.

Data-drive: JADE-HS - Daten (X:)

In the data-drive, all data of the Jade University are saved centrally.

Folder: X:\<organisation-unit>\

In this folder, you save data within your unit (special field, main office, unit…). You will always find the sub-folder „Zugriffsberechtigungen“ (ENG: „Access Authorisation“) within this folder, which informs you about your personal access rights considering the different folders.

Folder: X:\working groups\

When you are a member of some task forces (German: Arbeitsgruppen), you will find it under this folder. Members of a task force generally have writing access to the respective folder. Staff can request such a folder via the ticket system of the computing centre. Give the following information: * Name of the task force- which has to display the content aspects of the task force * storage footprint of the task force- standardly 1 GB * Members of the task force If you need to change the list of members and the amount of storage of the task force, please use the ticket system.

Folder: X:\Archive\

Under this folder, archive data (German: Archiv) are saved. The university computing centre organises them into the respective folders and, subsequently, authorises certain user groups to read them only.

Folder: X:\Posting\

Under this folder, the staff gets provided with generally accessible information. This resembles an electronic bulletin-board for the staff of the Jade University. Replacing this folder by providing information via the web in the medium term is currently in the planning stage.

Folder: X:\Documents\

Under this folder, there are different documents (German: Dokumente) of the university (e.g. office templates).

Folder: X:\Downloads\

Under this folder, you can find several software-products as download-files.

Folder: X:\Committees\

Under this folder, there are documents of the university-wide, central committees (German: Gremien).

Folder: X:\HL\Organisational units\

Under this folder, every organisation-unit (German: Organisations-Einheiten, short Org-Einheiten) of the Jade University has a folder to give project results, suggestions etc. to the university administration. Every organisation-unit has the write access to the respective subfolder.

Folder: X:\HRZ-Support\

Under this folder, the computing centre provides you with different files to support users and bug fixing.

Folder: X:\Teachers\

Under this folder, teaching staff (German: Lehrende) can receive a personal folder, within which they provide user with files relating to the course. The folder, as well as all sub-folders, lets the user read the files only. The personal folder can only be edited by the professor. Teachers can request the creation of a personal sub-folder via the ticket system of the computing centre.

  • storage footprint of the personal sub-folder- standardly 1 GB.

Please use the ticket system to change the amount of storage.

Folder: X:\Transfer\

This folder is created for an easy transfer of data between the different user groups.

Please note that it is a transfer-folder The content will be deleted daily by night.It is therefore not convenient for the storing of data.

Under this folder, external guest users can create folders and exchange data. Please note that this is a transfer-folder: The content is deleted daily by night. It is therefore not convenient for the storing of data.

  • Sub-Folder: X:\Transfer\STUDIERENDE\ (ENG: „X:Transfer\STUDENTS“)

Under this folder, students can create folders and exchange data. Please note that this is a transfer-folder: The content is deleted daily by night. It is therefore not convenient for the storing of data.

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