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Time Recording

At Jade University, working hours are recorded for certain groups of employees using the “Prime WebSystems” product from Primion Technology AG.

If you have any questions about the content of your time registration account, please contact your responsible HR officer.

If you have any technical questions, please write an e-mail to the University Computing Center.

Prime WebSystems

The time recording system of the Jade University can be found at You can log on to the time recording system website with a user name and password. You will receive the registration data via email after the system has been set up. If you do not know your login details, please contact your responsible employee in the HR department. If you have blocked yourself from the system due to multiple incorrect entries, please write an e-mail to the university computing centre.

Time recording terminal

There are time tracking terminals at all study locations of the Jade University of Applied Sciences where you can make time bookings using your service ID card.



  • Green come-button: book come
  • Red go-button: book go
  • Blue suitcase-button press 1x: Go on duty
  • Blue suitcase-button press 2x: Come on duty
  • Purple i-button: Account query
  • Yellow #-button: Previous day balance
  • Press F1-button 1x: Time compensation go
  • Press F1-button 2x: Time compensation come
  • F2-button: acutely ill go


  • Green come-button: book come
  • Red go-button: book go
  • 1. Blue suitcase-button: Come on duty
  • 2. Blue suitcase-button: Go on duty
  • i-button: Account block query
  • F1-button: Time compensation go
  • F2-button: Time compensation come
  • house-button: acutely ill go
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