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Current news of the computing centre is in the Infosys of the Jade University. You can have insight with any web browser with the following links.

The news are given in the im RSS-Feed format, whereby the following access possibilities appear:


Apple iOS

  • Add Feed
    • Title: JADE-HS - Infosys - HRZ
    • URL:
    • Save

Google Android

  • Settings (3 points at the top right) / add Feed
  • Feed URL:
    • Next
  • Tap the description text “JADE-HS Infosys”
    • Title: “Infosys - HRZ”, Group: “JADE-HS” / OK
    • “ADD FEED ”

Collaboration Cloud

You can also view all messages in the collaboration cloud using the news app

  • New folder: JADE-HS (unique)
  • Subscribe:
    • Internet adress:
    • Folder: JADE-HS
  • Subscribe

Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Outlook
    • Switch to the navigation view “Folders” (usually in Outlook on the bottom left the 3 dots).
    • Depending on the version of Microsoft Outlook you will see the folder “RSS Subscriptions” or “RSS Feeds”.
      • Right click on the folder / “Add new RSS feed…”
      • Path of the RSS feed:


      • Click on “Add”
      • In the window “Do you want to add this RSS feed to Outlook?” click on “Advanced”
        • Feed name: Jade HS Infosys - HRZ.
        • Click “OK”
      • Click “Yes” to add the RSS feed to Outlook.

other organisation units

Currently, there are no permissions at the computing centre to share news from other organisation units. If some organisation units want their news to be shared they can ask for it, with a short message via the Servicedesk. We are sharing the Feed-URL here.

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