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Current news of the computing centre is in the Infosys of the Jade University. You can have insight with any web browser with the following links:

Note: At present, the HRZ has no authorization to distribute messages from other organizational units in this way. If individual organizational units wish to disseminate messages, we ask the respective lines to send a short message via the service desk. We will then publish the corresponding feed URL here.

The news are given in the RSS-Feed format, which provides additional access options:

Microsoft Windows

  • Microsoft Outlook
    • Switch to the navigation view “Folders” (usually in Outlook the three dots down to the left)
    • Depending on the version of Microsoft Outlook you will see the folder “RSS Subscriptions” or “RSS Feeds”
      • right mouse click on the folder / “Add new RSS feed…”
      • RSS-Feed path:
      • Click on “Add”
      • In the window “Do you want to add this RSS feed to Outlook?” click on “Advanced”.
        • Feedname: Jade HS Infosys - HRZ
        • Click “OK”
      • Click “Yes”, to add the RSS-Feed Outlook

Apple iOS

  • Add Feed
    • Title: JADE-HS - Infosys - HRZ
    • URL:
    • Save

Google Android

  • Settings (3 dots at the top right)
    • Settings
      • Update
        • Search for update: Every 15 minutes
      • Reader
        • Open articles by default with: Reader
        • Open links with: Default browser
  • Settings (3 dots at the top right)
    • add Feed
      • Feed URL:

        and tap the right arrow on your Android keyboard. Then tap on the description text “Jade HS Infosys” and change the following:

        • Titel: Infosys - HRZ
        • Group: Jade HS
      • Click on “ADD FEED”

Collaboration Cloud

You can also view all notifications in the collaboration cloud using the news app

  • New folder: JADE-HS (unique)
  • Subscribe:
    • Internet adress:
    • Folder: JADE-HS
    • Subscribe
  • 3 dots next to the new Feed
    • rename: Infosys - HRZ
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