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Any device connected to the Jade University network must have appropriate virus protection and must be updated regularly. Since June 2023, we have been using the product “Sophos Endpoint Protection” as virus protection at Jade University.

Important: Use of PC systems without virus protection software is not permitted at the Jade University network.

For more information about Sophos Email Security, please visit: email Security (Spam and virus protection)

Service devices

Devices within the PC network system

All devices within the PC network system are/will be automatically equipped with a suitable virus protection - this usually concerns all desktop PCs as well as all devices in the PC pools of the HRZ.

Devices outside the PC network system

The virus protection software from the HRZ must be installed on all devices outside the PC network system - this usually applies to all mobile systems. Open a ticket for an appointment at the HRZ service desk via the ticketsystem.

Private devices

Each university member has the possibility to equip up to 10 private devices with the anti-virus software. To do this, register with Sophos on the website below and are then provided with a customized version - this does not register as a device of Jade University.

Important: Before installing Sophos, you should uninstall any anti-virus software that is already installed to prevent any problems.

  • At the bottom of the web page under: “Please enter your business email address below to receive your license. “ enter your e-mail address from Jade University.
    • this serves as proof that you are authorized.
  • Follow the instructions in the email from Sophos to your previously entered Jade University email address.
    • In the further course you create an account with your private e-mail address at Sophos.

Support for problems with Sophos on private devices is not provided by the HRZ, you can use the support area of Sophos Home:

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