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Any device connected to the Jade University network must have appropriate virus protection and be updated regularly. Use of a device without virus protection software is not permitted on the Jade University network.

Device Protection

Devices in the HRZ pool rooms

All devices in the HRZ pool rooms are automatically equipped with appropriate virus protection.

Devices in the PC Shared System

For devices that are integrated into the PC network system, staff can install virus protection software provided by the HRZ via the software menu. This is optimally set by the HRZ with regard to updating.

Devices outside the PC network and private devices

Microsoft Windows

For devices that are not integrated into the PC network system, all employees can install virus protection software provided by the HRZ. This is available in the PC network system under X:\Downloads\Sophos Campus\Clients. The current license is also valid for private devices of all staff members.

Apple OS X and Linux

Suitable anti-virus software is also available for devices running Apple OS X and Linux. Since licensing here is not regulated across the board for all staff members, you must please contact the appropriate colleagues at the HRZ. We will then set up the virus protection for you, as long as the licensing conditions can be met.

E-mail protection

Information on e-mail protection can be found at E-Mail Spam- and Anti-Virus Protection.

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