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PC network system

The service group PC-Verbundsystem of the Hochschulrechenzentrum (HRZ) deals with the integration of virtual and desktop PCs into a server environment, in which essentially file, print and plot services are made available in a fully automated way in connection with software provision - we have summarised this combination of services under the term “PC-Verbundsystem “. For convenient use of all services, integration of these integration of these PCs into the PC network system is necessary. The integration offers the following advantages:

Our virtual desktops are always part of the PC network system.

Desktop PCs with Microsoft Windows 10 - 64-bit can be integrated into the PC network system, these must currently be connected to the Jade University network via LAN connection. Therefore, participation in the PC network system is not intended for notebooks , you can alternatively use our virtual desktops).

As a rule, you have to re-install your desktop PC in order to integrate it into the PC group system. Furthermore, special authorisations are required for integration, which is why you cannot carry out this process independently. Therefore, you should make an appointment with the PC-Service of the HRZ to have us carry out this procedure.

The following services are summarised in the service group PC-Verbundsystem:

data drives

The service data drives plans the drive structure in the PC network system and is responsible for assigning and documenting permissions in the file system.

The printing services service is responsible for providing printers to employees.


The service Imaging is responsible for providing operating system images for standardised PC hardware, which make it possible to install the operating system of a computer completely automatically via the network.

Licence server

The University Computer Centre operates two global (cross-site) and three site-specific licenceservers on campus. Some software products check whether a licence is available when they are called up. Examples of these products are

  • SPSS from IBM
  • AutoCad from AutoDesk
  • Mathcad Prime from PTC
  • Labview from National Instruments

Multifunctional devices

In this area, the service group is responsible for the technical operation of the multifunctional devices. Members and staff of Jade University can print, copy and scan documents on these systems.

Plot Services

The Plot Services service is responsible for providing Plotters for employees.

Software distribution

The Software Distribution service is responsible for providing software via the ZENworks software menu in the PC network system.


The Webfiler enables access to the data drives of the PC network system via a web browser.


Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) refers to the software component of the Microsoft Windows Server that is responsible for patches and updates. We use this service to keep the pool rooms operated and maintained by the University Computer Centre up to date with the latest software and patches.

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