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Academic Cloud

The Academic Cloud - Services for Universities in Niedersachsen

In a digitalized world we all rely on a growing amount of services for education, work and recreation. Therefore it is essential that reliable, secure and trustworthy services exist for numerous user groups and a large variety of applications. The idea behind the Academic Cloud is to offer such services to students and employees of universities and higher education institutes in Niedersachsen, Germany.

Hosted in academic data centers according to German data protection and data security directives, the Academic Cloud supports studies and work with a growing digital service portfolio. The Academic Cloud is co-funded by the „Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur“ MWK. Planning and operation are supported by the LANIT/HRZ, the forum of the university data centers in Niedersachsen.

The following services are available in the Academic Cloud:

Service Software Web Interface
Meet: Video conferencing BigBlueButton
Rocket.Chat: Chat & Collaborate Rocket.Chat
Cloud: Sync & Share ownCloud
GitLab: Code Repository GitLab
Dataverse: Research Data Repository Dataverse
ShareLaTeX Overleaf
ePIC: Persistent Identifier
URL shortener
Whiteboard Collaboard
projekt management OpenProject

Note: To log in to one of the services in the Academic Cloud, click on the button “Federated Login” and then log in with your Jade University user data.

A more detailed description of the services can be found on the Academic Cloud website under the menu item Services. There are further assistance to find at Help Center.

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