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Virtual Desktops

With the help of virtual desktops university members and relatives can

  • have access to the PC-network system of the Jade University regardless of time, place and space.
  • use many of the Software Products offered and licensed on campus
  • find a working environment independent of the end device (bring your own device - BYOD)

Note: The currently procured infrastructure is suitable for the operation of virtual desktops with standard office applications. The infrastructure is not suitable for graphics-accelerated applications (image processing, CAD), for real-time audio & video (RTAV) applications (video conferencing), for computing-intensive applications and as a software development environment.

The service group Virtual Desktops works on the following services:


This service is responsible for providing, managing and maintaining the hardware and software clients for access to the virtual desktops. Further information can be found here.


In this service, the operating system images for the respective pools are created and maintained. For more information, see here.

Software Deployment

In contrast to software distribution, where software must be installed, this service provides software packages within the operating system. This is done using the software VMware AppVolumes and ThinApps. For more information, see here.


This service is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the IT technical system required for the provision of the virtual desktops.

Workstation Management

In this service, the desktops are adapted to the special needs of a virtual environment and to the Jade University.

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