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Document Management

At the Jade University of Applied Sciences, document management is carried out with the help of the product “d.3” from the company d.velop. The university computer center is responsible for the technical operation of the system. In terms of content, the using institutions are responsible.

The following functionalities are given:

  • Document management as an archiving system
  • Search, display and editing of documents via PC client
  • Research and representation via web and PC client
  • Connection of the d.3 authorization administration to the user administration of the Jade University of Applied Sciences

The document management system of the Jade University of Applied Sciences can be found at Log in with your user name in the form

For more information about implementation and use, please contact Dezernat 3 - Abt. 3.1 - Qualitätsmanagement und Organisationsentwicklung.

If you have any questions about the document management system, please email here to the University Computer Center.

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