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Pool Rooms

The service group Pool Rooms of the Computing Centre (HRZ) is responsible for the three university study locations

These workstations are equipped with the Windows 10 operating system and have access to the software offered via the Software Distribution. The pool rooms are assigned to Multifunctional Devices and Plotters. The pool rooms intended for lectures are additionally equipped with a projector and some with Media Control.

All pool rooms operated by the computing centre are integrated into the central, multifunctional and cross-study PC-network system of the Jade University. The technical implementation of this PC operating concept has numerous functions, such as

  • Identical menu system at all study locations
  • Identical drive concept for all users
  • Cross-group and cross-location workgroup functionality

Access to the pool rooms operated or supervised by the HRZ or the PC workstations provided there is possible without restrictions during the opening hours of the university buildings. The opening hours of the buildings can be found below the respective Studienort


  • Please note that you can only use software from our software menu in the pool rooms operated by the HRZ. Due to the functionality of the system for all users, you cannot install your own software.
  • To lock a workstation which is used by the computing centre (HRZ) is not possible in the pool rooms, because the following user is not able to undo the lock. Therefore please log out each time.

* The pool rooms operated/supervised by the HRZ are updated with a current operating system image every semester break. For this purpose, the HRZ enters a corresponding date in the event planning. Please note this date when planning your courses.

The service group supports the following services:

Media Systems

This service is responsible for the operation of the media control of the company Extron and the projectors. More information can be found here.

Video Control

This service takes care of video control in some pool rooms, further information can be found here.

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