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Collaboration Cloud

The computing center (HRZ) offers you a number of services under the term “Collaboration Cloud” that are designed to improve collaborative work:

  • Teamwork
  • Cooperation also with external partners
  • Scheduling
  • Messaging
  • Integrated web applications

The collaboration cloud consists of the following sub-services:


The Cloudstorage environment is basically a cloud-based storage service to store data centrally. For this purpose, the Jade University has access to storage systems from the project „Niedersachsen Storage-Cloud“. One system is used at the study location Oldenburg, while a copy of these data is put on the system in Wilhelmshaven. The data are being encrypted for transfer and storage, which ensures a high level of security.

The following functions are currently available:

  • Central, personal data storage and the possibility to synchronise with your end device with aid of the Nextcloud Client Software. Staff of the Jade University have 50GB storage each, students get to use 10GB each.
  • Restoring of altered or deleted files.
  • Direct view at many multimedia formats and standard data formats in the webbrowser.
  • Availability of group folders to work in teams.
  • Availability of different apps to enhance the functionality.
  • Possibility to encrypt files.

With a webbrowser, members of the university can access the Collaboration Cloud under

The previous service “CloudStorage (ownCloud)” was decommissioned on August 5, 2019. Please use the collaboration cloud services from now on.


There are different options to access the folder- and file-structure of the Collaboration Cloud of the Jade University:

  • Access via Desktop: Synchronise your files *locally onto your desktop with aid of your desktop client and edit them (offline as well).
  • Access via Smartphone: Access your files on the way with aid of smartphone apps.
  • Access via Software: Access and edit your files directly within different softwares.
  • Access via Webbrowser: Access your files from anywhere with aid of a webbrowser.
  • Access via WebDAV: Access your files comfortably within the file manager with aid of a WebDAV client.