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Collaboration Cloud


The computing centre (HRZ) offers several services under the term “Collaboration Cloud” that is designed to improve collaborative work, within the university, but also with external partners. The following functions are currently available:

  • Central, personal data storage
  • Synchronization of the data on your end device using the Desktop client software.
  • Working together on office documents.
  • Restore changed or deleted files.
  • Direct viewing of many multimedia and standard data formats in the web browser.
  • Availability of group folders for working in a team.
  • Availability of various Web apps to extend the functionality.
  • Possibility of encryption of data.


Collaboration Cloud - Storage (CCS)

The storage service of the collaboration cloud consists of a cloud-based saving system to the filing of data, which we provide using the software Nextcloud. Therefore the saving systems are available for the Jade University at the locations in Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg. Due to the used system resources, the storage space is standardly 50 GB for attendants and 10 GB for students. The maximum size of a single file is limited to 10 GB. Detailed documentation can be found in the Nextcloud User Manual.

Collaboration Cloud - Office (CCO)

The office services is an online office usage that is directly integrated into the collaboration cloud. With the help of the software ONLYOFFICE, the collaborative editing of office documents directly in a web browser is possible.


With a Web Browser, you can have access to the data and WebApps in the Collaboration Cloud of the Jade University. Link:

Note: The Microsoft internet explorer is not suitable for the use of the Collaboration Cloud.

How to registrate:

Depending on what you need you find further access on the corresponding Web-Apps. An important Web-App is data.


The servers are provided with regular updates at the end of each semester break; the exact time of the required work is communicated at least one week in advance. Security-critical updates must be installed as soon as they become known; in this case, you will be notified at short notice.

After an update, the caches of the web browsers must usually be deleted to ensure proper functioning:

  • Log out of the Collaboration Cloud in the web browser
  • Close the tab
  • Chrome: Settings> Cache (type in) > delete browser data
    • Time period: Total time
    • Browser history: deactivated
    • Cookies and other website data: deactivated
    • Images and files in cache: activated
    • Click on the [Delete data] button
  • Firefox: Settings > Cache (type in) > Remove data…
    • Cookies and webseite data: deactivated
    • Temporarily saved web content/cache: activated
    • Click on the [Empty] button
  • Restart the web browser
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