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With aid of a WebDAV client (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), members of the university can comfortably access the files within the Collaboration Cloud of the university via the file manager.

Use this access option with care. The control by WebDAV Clients of “File-Locking” is in some cases not reliable. As a consequence, if more people have parallel access only the version which was saved at last will remain.

Network System of Computers

If you work with a computer within the network system of computers, you can call up the necessary software in the computing centre software menu. This way, you get comfortable access to the Collaboration Cloud in the file manager.

  • Computing Centre Software Menu/ Tools / Webdrive
  • Username: Standard Login (form: ma1150)
  • Password: <Your password>
  • Select “JADE-HS - Collaboration Cloud” in the server list
  • You can find the content of the Collaboration Cloud on hard drive W:/ within the file manager

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows

The WebDAV client included in the Microsoft Windows operating system unfortunately only works very unreliably, so you must first install WebDAV-capable software and configure it accordingly. The University Computer Centre has therefore procured licences of the WebDAV-enabled software WebDrive. You can find these

  • in WebFiler under JADE-HS - Data (X) / HRZ-Support / WebDrive
  • on the data drives under Data X:\HRZ-Support\WebDrive

Change here to the folder matching your operating system. After the successful installation, please configure it as follows:


  • In the above mentioned folder you will find the file Lizenz.txt, copy the serial number here (to the clipboard).
  • In the WebDrive client select Settings → Activate licence
  • Paste the serial number (from the clipboard) into the field Registration Code
  • Select the button “Activate licence”.

Configure WebDrive:

  • In the WebDrive client, select “Add Connection” (the + sign at the top).
  • Select the “WebDAV” card
  • Connection name: JADE-HS - Collaboration Cloud (or JADE-HS - CC for short).
  • Server address:
  • Username: default login (form: ma1150)
  • Password: <your password>
  • Drive letter: W:\
  • WebDAV settings → Certificate settings
    • Automatically accept the server certificate: enabled
  • Click on “Save as”.

To use, double-click on the newly configured connection.

Apple macOS

Finder / Go to/ Connect to Server…

  • Serveraddress:
  • Connect as registeres userer/ Name: Standard Login (form: ma1150)
  • Save password in keychain
  • Site-Profile Name: JADE-HS - Collaboration Cloud (or short: JADE-HS - CC)


Files/ Enter Place

  • Place: davs://
  • Username: Standard Login (form: ma1150)
  • Password: <Your Password>
  • Optional: Never forget the password (saves the password in local keychain)
  • Optional: Add a bookmark and rename into JADE-HS - Collaboration Cloud (or short: JADE-HS - CC)
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