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With the Web File Manager (short: WebFiler), university members within and outside the campus can access the data drives of the Jade University network system of computers. This happens via a web browser and a secured and encrypted connection. The web access is thought to look into and download data.


The access via Webbrowser is basically to consult and download data and it offers limited comfort. The following link leads you to the WebFiler.


Please log in with the Standard Login (form: ma1150).


The access via Data-Manager via the WebDAV-protocol with the WebFiler offers a more comfortable access, therefore you need to configure your data-manager accordingly.

Use this access with care. WebDAV Clients does not control the “File-Locking” reliable in all cases. As a consequence, the actual document is not saved when more than one person is having access at the same time.

Apple macOS

Finder / go to / connect with server …

  • Type in the following address: in the field server address, above “preferred server”.
  • click on the “+” symbol, to save the location as a preferred server.
  • click on “connect”
  • connect as registered user
  • Save the password
  • The data drives X:\ and Z:\ will appaer in the finder.


GNOME Nautilus (data) / other locations

  • connect with server :davs://
  • user name: Standard Login (form: ma1150)
  • password: <your password>
  • optional: dont forget password (password will be saved automatically)
  • optional: add bookmark an rename in JADE-HS- PC-network system (short: JADE-HS - PC-VS)

Microsoft Windows

Given that the WebDAV-client, which is contained in the operation system Microsoft Windows, unfortunately only works quite unsoundly, you need to install and configure a WebDAV compatible software, first. This is why the university computing centre has acquired licenses for the WebDAV compatible software WebDrive. You can find it in the WebFiler under

  • JADE-HS - Dateien (X:) / HRZ-Support / WebDrive
  • Select the folder according to your operating system
  • Microsoft Windows users normally need to select the 64-bit WebDrive Client (webdrive64…exe)

After successful installation and connection of the license on your computer, please configure it in the following way:

  • Type of Server: Secure WebDAV
  • URL / Address:
  • Username: Standard Login (form: ma1150)
  • Password: Your password
  • Further Settings:
    • General Settings / DAV:
      • Lock Owner-Feature: <PC-Name> <Your name> (e.g. mo2xxxx Max Mustermann)
      • Activate automatic shut of the DAV: Activated
    • File Settings/ File:
      • Activate List Note Change (unten): Cache Settings / Options
      • More Users: Activated
  • Site-Name: JADE-HS - PC-Verbundsystem (short: JADE-HS - PCVS)
  • Drive: Y:\

After successful configuration, you need to license WebDrive:

  • With the list mentioned above, you will find the file Lizenz.txt. Copy its serial number.
  • In the Webdrive-Client, select
    • App-Settings / General / License Information
    • Selec the Button „Activate License“
    • Paste the serial number
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