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The Files web app is responsible for viewing and managing your folders and files in the Collaboration Cloud.

  • Creating, deleting, renaming and moving folders and files.
  • Sharing folders and files with other groups and users via the “Share” menu item.


Web browser

A web browser can be used to access the “Files” web app in the Jade University Collaboration Cloud at Modern browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are also capable of dragging and dropping (Drag & Drop) files from other applications.

Desktop client

With the help of an installed Desktop client, all folders (except group folders) are automatically synchronized locally to your PC. They thus become available offline and can then be edited at any time.

Smartphone app

After installing the smartphone app, set it up as follows:

  • Server address:
  • Username: default login (form: ma1150)
  • Password: <your password>

The smartphone apps usually do not synchronize folders and files, the desired file must be selected accordingly in the app.


When using for the first time, you will see the following folders in the root directory:

  • Personal.
    • Put your personal folder and file structure here.
  • Shares
    • In the Shares folder you will find all folders shared with them by others.
  • Optional: Web App Folder.
    • Folders required by the web apps provided.
  • Optional: Group Folders.
    • Folders with special properties that are outside your personal storage area and are authorized by the HRZ for a group. For more information, see here.

Note. * Do not create directories with the prefix “JHS “** in the root folder. These are reserved for the inclusion of special Jade University orders, e.g. group folders.

  • In case you leave the university, their data will be deleted. The folders they have shared will then no longer be available to other participants. For projects, you should therefore request a group folder.
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