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Deck is a kanban style organisation tool, which is aimed at personal planning and project organisation for teams integrated with Nextcloud.

  • πŸ“₯ Add your tasks to cards and put them in order
  • πŸ“„ Write down additional notes in markdown
  • πŸ”– Assign labels for even better organisation
  • πŸ‘₯ Share with your team, friends or family
  • πŸš€ Get your project organised


Web browser

A web browser can be used to access the web app β€œDeck” in the Collaboration Cloud at Jade University of Applied Sciences at


  • Apple iOS - Apple App Store: No App known
  • Google Android


The Web-App β€œDeck” works with Boards, lists and cards. They can be easily shifted in your position via Drag'n Drop, to adjust them to the changing requirements.


The Boards represent the Theme / Topic / Service. In the Board-Details you can set up the following features:

Share: Here you set up the users and groups.

This is how to entitle them:

  • can edit: The users/groups can create cards and edit them
  • can share: The users and groups can share the Board with others
  • can maintain: The users and groups can maintain the Board with all its features

Furthermore, the Board can be added to the project.

Catchwords: Here you can edit, delete and create catchwords for the Board.

Standardly the following catchwords are available for all Boards:

  • Completed
  • Action required
  • Later
  • to examine

deleted objects: Here you find deleted lists and cards.


The lists represent a subtopic of the Board and is used for the alignment.


On the cards, the actual tasks of a section are written. In the features you can set up the following things:


  • Catchword: Here you set up the stage of the tasks
  • User assignment: Here you determine who is doing the task.
  • termination date: date where the task should be completed

Furthermore, the task can be allocated to a project. In the description field, useful information can be held, for all users.


Here you can upload related data to the task.


Here you can set up comments to the task.

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