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E-Mail Spam- and Anti-Virus Protection

To repel spam mails and such with viruses, the university computing centre uses effective e-mail filters. Those are Sophos Pure Message systems, which are being updated several times per day. This ensures a high detection rate.

A small number of spam e-mails could still possibly get into your mailbox. In case you would like to report such emails, just send an e-mail to “” with the spam e-mail attached to it. You can read the description of the process in the Sophos Knowledge Base:

Spam e-mails that have been detected, are being held back by the Pure Message Gateway in the quarantine area. For informational purposes, you will receive one “Digest Message” e-mail daily. In case you would like to read a detected and filtered e-mail, please click onto the link within the e-mail. Alternatively, you can use the web interface under Please proceed with the required care.

Depending on the current hazards certain attachments will not be delivered. You will receive an e-mail without any attachments but if required you can unlock the complete e-mail via the Web Interface, after careful consideration.

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