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Distribution lists

Use of e-mail distribution lists

University members and staff of the Jade University can send e-mails to various user groups via e-mail distribution lists. An overview and more details about the lists can be found on the Sympa server:

user group E-Mail distribution list Homepage
Staff Info
staff Elsfleth Info
staff Oldenburg Info
staff Wilhelmshaven Info
Professors Info
Professors Elsfleth Info
Professors Oldenburg Info
Professors Wilhelmshaven Info
students Info
students Elsfleth Info
students Elsfleth male Info
students Elsfleth female Info
students Oldenburg Info
students Oldenburg male Info
students Oldenburg female Info
students Wilhelmshaven Info
students Wilhelmshaven male Info
students Wilhelmshaven female Info
students Department of Architecture Info
students Department of Civil Engineering Geoinformation Health Technology Info
students Department of Engineering Info
students Department of Management, Information, Technology Info
students Department of Maritime and Logistics Info
students Department of Economics Info
IT-Service for students Elsfleth Info
IT-Service for students Oldenburg Info
IT-Service for students Wilhelmshaven Info

The computing centre will then release the e-mail promptly after checking whether the general conditions have been met. The maximum message size is 256 kB.

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