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Digital, electronic e-mail signatures and the encryption of e-mails can be used to increase security in the e-mail sector.

To be able to use these, a digital user certificate is required. During the creation process, a digital key pair is generated which is confirmed by a certification authority. This key pair consists of 2 parts, the private and the public key:

  • Private key: This is password protected and always remains in the possession of the user.
  • Public key: This is required by the communication partner and must be made known to him in some way.


Principle: You sign your e-mail with the help of your private key. The communication partner can then use your public key to check whether / that data is unchanged.


Principle: You encrypt your e-mail with the help of the communication partner's public key. The communication partner can then decrypt the e-mail using his private key. You must therefore first have the communication partner's public key for encryption.


A basic prerequisite for use is the correct integration of the certification authorities in your operating system and a valid digital user certificate. Then configure the appropriate application software:

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