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Regulations & Contracts

This page describes the basis on which one can be granted or deprived of access to the IT systems of the Jade University.


Lower Saxony Law of Universities of Applied Sciences

The legal basis of all guidelines is the Lower Saxon Law of Universities.

According to section 16 of the Lower Saxon Law of Universities, members of a university are defined as in the following:

  • professors (including management of professorship with the following warrant: section 26 paragraph 7 NHG)
  • scientific and artistic employees
  • teaching staff with special tasks
  • Employees in the areas of technology and administration (including trainees)
  • students

Basic Order of the Jade University

This is taken up appropriately in section 3 of the basic order of the Jade University. Therefore, members have matriculated students and those people, who do not only work terminally or full-time as a guest.

According to section 3 of the basic order of the Jade University members of the university are defined as:

  • part-time staff
  • honorary professors
  • visiting scientists
  • assistant lecturers
  • the chairman or the chairwoman of the management committee that is responsible for the cooperation with the University of Oldenburg
  • professors, who are not currently obligated and those in retirement
  • senators of honour
  • citizens of honour
  • guest students and auditors
  • early students
  • those, who are currently doing their PhD while cooperating with the Jade University

Terms of Use for the IT Resources of the Jade University

According to the section 3 of the Terms of Use for the IT Resources of the Jade University, the following people can be granted use of the IT resources (including a personal account):

  • members and relatives of the Jade University
  • authorised delegates, in order to meet their tasks
  • members (both groups mentioned above) of other universities within Lower Saxony or even outside of Lower Saxony (if special arrangements have been made)
  • further governmental research facilities, educational institutions and agencies of Lower Saxony (if special arrangements have been made)
  • the student union of Oldenburg
  • further institutions that are close to the Jade University (if special agreements have been made or permits have been given)
  • further juridical or natural persons (if special agreements have been made and under consideration of the respective orders of fees and recompense, as long as the concerns of all other users are not affected negatively)



Because of different contracts, the Jade University is obligated to always keep your user accounts up to date. One specific order is displayed by the service DFN-AAI: With the help of it, members of the university can prove their identity as a Jade University member at other service providers and, thus, use their services (e.g. services of the library). In doing so, the DFN-AAI defines so-called classes of reliability.

The Jade University is part of the “advanced” class of reliability. This results in having to meet minimum standards:

  • Process of identification by means of the used establishment.
    • Identification by attending a personal meeting with an authority of trust with an official document to determine the identity. The established processes of matriculation and employment are approved as such.
  • Process of prooving the identity.
    • Prooving of identity with the help of a personalised user account including a user name, a password or digital certificate. All of this has to be issued within the limits of a safe and secure guideline of allocation.
  • Maintaining of data and the process of identity care.
    • With obligation regarding the accuracy and actualisation within two weeks.
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