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Account Application Portal

The application for a user account from the authorized units is made via the account application portal. Only university members (with the exception of students) are entitled to apply for user accounts.


  • The only user accounts for natural persons may be requested. The application for function and test accounts is not permitted.
  • After entering your first and last name, please use the “Search for <name>” button to check whether the user already exists. If so, please do not apply for this user account and contact the university computer centre to avoid duplicate user accounts.
  • If you do not know the date of birth when you apply, enter the date of birth 1900-01-01. Report the date of birth immediately upon receipt to the university computer centre so that the person can be clearly identified.
  • When selecting the group of people, there is always an example for orientation among the group of people as a selection aid…
  • In the “Responsible Person” field, please enter the person applying (usually it is not yourself).
  • For user accounts with a short term, please enter a note in the “Comment” field. This simplifies the assignment to the person in the event of queries from the HRZ (example: Summerschool 2017)
  • After completing the application, you will receive an email shortly. Click on the link to generate the datasheet for the access data and forward it to the appropriate person. Do not forward the original email, because only the applicant can generate the data sheet with the access data.

You can find the account application portal here .

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