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eIDentity Portal

The Jade eIDentity Portal offers the following functions, among others:

(Please note, that not every service described here might be visible to you)


View and manage my user account.

  • Your access data: Display your access data for the IT systems of the University Computing Centre.
  • Increase Email Quota: Increase your email quota in the Jade University email system.
  • Change Password: Here you can change your password for all IT systems connected to the central directory.
  • Set password reset security questions: Set answers that can be used to restore a forgotten password.
  • Smartphone Setup: Set up your smartphone to be able to log in if you forget your password.

Manage my access to licenses and services:

Here you can activate various services that are usually provided externally.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Activating the service creates an 'AdobeCC' account. Personal data must be submitted to 'AdobeCC' for account creation.
  • Cisco Webex: Activating the service creates a 'WebEx' account. Personal data must be submitted to 'WebEx' for account creation.
  • Microsoft 365: Activating the service creates a 'Microsoft 365' account. Personal data must be submitted to 'Microsoft 365' for account creation.

My Profile

Here you can view your personal data stored in the HRZ and customize your presentation photo (e.g. for team info). You can use this Tool to convert your presentation photo in portrait format to the appropriate format (H133 x W100 pixels, upright, max. 60kB).

  • In the eIDentity Portal, click on [your name] in the top right-hand corner and then on the [My profile] settings item
  • Your name appears below “My profile”, click on the [Edit icon] to the right of it
  • Click on the [Select image] button
  • Upload a suitable presentation photo
  • Click the [Save] button

Activating user accounts

Another function is to activate your user account.

Your user account is initially only equipped with an initial password and has not yet been activated. Therefore, you cannot log in directly to the systems of Jade University of Applied Sciences at first. Please follow this link to provide your user account with a password of your choice and thus activate the account.

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