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User accounts

In accordance with the Regulations & Contracts, every user account goes through the application process from lifecycle of a user account to deactivation and final deletion.

The application for a user account is carried out by various Jade University institutions at the University Computer Center. Please contact the respective institution to apply for your user account.

After receiving your access data, you must activate your user account.

You can then log in to the systems and services login.

Translated with (free version)og in to the systems and services login.

User identifiers with more than 9 characters

Due to the connection of the identity management systems of the University Computing Center with the SAP systems of the administration, it is necessary to keep the user IDs of the employees under 10 characters due to a technical restriction within the SAP system. In the past, the HRZ also issued user IDs with more than 9 characters - these must be shortened accordingly in the course of the connection. The following procedure is recommended in this context:

  • Preparations on the part of the HRZ
    • Send an e-mail letter to the person to be converted
    • Query: Use of the Academic Cloud?
    • Arrange a date for the changeover
    • Inform the new user name
  • Preparations on the part of the person to be converted
    • CCS/Nextcloud: CCS does not support renaming a user object, so the move must be carried out manually
      • Look under /Shares to see which people share a folder with me
      • Remove the synchronization in the Nextcloud desktop client
  • Conversion work on the part of the HRZ and other units
    • eDirectory: (GM)
      • Renaming of the user account
      • campusMailDrop
      • Identity Console: Driver META-SOAP-SAP-Export: Migrate from IDV: Export new user from IDV
    • Data drives: Rename home directory folder (GM)
    • Virtual desktops: Customize horizon-c1\environment\profiles and horizon-c1\profiles (GM)
    • Active Directory: User object > Profile > Base folder (GM)
    • Active Directory: User object > Exchange attributes (TD)
    • Sophos Central: Sync (TD)
    • HISinOne: (PR)
      • Delete account in H1 at the person
      • eDir: delete campusH1accountID
      • Identity Console: Driver META-HISinOne-Export: Migrate from IDV: Export new user from IDV
    • Moodle: Rename user (SH)
    • Nextcloud: (GM)
    • Primion: Renaming the user name (KN)
    • Typo3: Small note (UB)
    • Webex: Customize CSFs (HB)
  • Follow-up work on the part of the changed person
    • E-mail: Reconfigure Microsoft Outlook
    • Nextcloud: Reconfigure Nextcloud desktop client
      • Add Nextcloud account
      • The data from the old user ID is in the CCS in the folder with the name “Transferred from …”, move it back to the desired position
      • Inform people who have shared files with me in the CCS that you are reassigning the authorization
    • Software deployment: Re-register with Adobe
      • Reconfigure the login name
      • In Webex top left on the login image > Help > Status check: Reset
    • Wi-Fi: Reconfigure the login name (notebook, smartphone)
    • VPN: Reconfiguration of the VPN client
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