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Life Cycle

After applying for a user account, it is created automatically and also automatically deleted at the end of the contract. Every user account has a specific end: the de-registration for students, the end of the contract for employees, the retirement age, the end of a measure, etc.

Before a user account is deleted, an email is sent with a notice of the impending deletion. For example, this email looks like this for staff:

Hello Mr Doe,

the computing centre (HRZ) has received a message from the HR department indicating that your employment with the Jade University has ended.

End of employment: January 31, 2018
The expiration date of your user account: February 2, 2018

Based on existing license agreements from the Jade University of Applied Sciences, we are obliged to deny access and, consequently, all access to data structures within 14 days after the end of university membership.

This also affects your previously used email address at Jade University. We would like to ask you to

  • to forward all emails required for further processing in your mailbox to the colleagues at the Jade University,
  • delete personal emails,
  • remove all configured email forwarders

in time before the expiry date.

The same applies to data that you have saved in your home directory (drive Z:\) and in ownCloud.

Please note that your data will be deleted 60 days after the end of your employment and then access will no longer be possible.

In this context, we would like to draw your attention to the possibility of using the Jade University's alumni and career portal here.

If there are any questions in this connection, or if you need assistance with the cleansing/conversion of data, we are available at any time.

Best regards
Your HRZ-Team

Access to the data is still possible after the end of the employment relationship and the data is only actually deleted after a grace period. There is, therefore, enough time to act to object to the deletion. To do this, please contact your contact person.

In this example, the contract expires on January 31, 2018, but until February 14, 2018, there is still access to the data, email address and connected systems. Then there is another grace period before the user account is actually deleted. Usually, the deletion of the user account does not start until 74 days after the end of the contract.

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