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Microsoft EES Campus

The Jade University has an EES campus contract for various Microsoft products.

  • Authorized users: University members (with the exception of students)
  • Products:
    • Microsoft Windows Enterprise Betriebssystem Upgrade
    • Microsoft Office Enterprise
    • Microsoft Project Professional
    • Microsoft Visio Professional
  • Operating Systems:
    • Apple macOS (nur Office)
    • Microsoft Windows
  • Download: You can find the current ISOs in the PC network system under JADE-HS - Data (X:) / Downloads / Microsoft Campus
  • License Key: The required license keys can be found in the downloads
  • Hints: Use on domestic devices is permitted for official purposes.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools (formerly Imagine, DreamSpark or MSDN-AA) is a program from Microsoft that provides teachers and students with access to the latest Microsoft development environments.

The program is currently not available due to licensing conditions.

Microsoft Office365 Pro Plus

From the winter semester 2019/2020, the Jade University will offer all employees and students the use of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus on private devices as part of the Microsoft Campus contract.

It is provided by our software distributor Asknet for an annual administration fee of 4.99 euros.

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