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Licence agreement

Jade University of Applied Sciences participates in Microsoft Campus EES via the federal framework agreement.

The contract started on 01 May 2021 and runs for 4 years until the end of April 2025.

Jade University of Applied Sciences has licensed the following product packages via the framework agreement:

  • Microsoft 365 A3 Education for Employees
  • Microsoft 365 A3 Education Student Use Benefit
  • Microsoft Project Professional for Employees
  • Microsoft Visio Professional for Employees
  • Access licences for various Microsoft server services

License Types and Usage:
The Federal Framework Agreement differentiates in licensing between the user groups (staff or students) and the place of use (official university devices or private end devices).

This results in the following usage scenarios:

  • Use on shared devices:
    For devices that are “regularly” used by several users, the Microsoft OnPremise licences are used.
    \\These are essentially all devices in pool and lecture rooms at Jade University, but also the desktop PC devices at office workstations that are integrated into the Active Directory and use ZENworks software distribution there, and service-procured notebooks. Die Lizenzierung dieser Produkte erfolgt über zentrale Aktivierungsserver und erfordert keine benutzerbezogene Freischaltung.

    An diesen Geräten der Jade Hochschule dürfen auch Studierende die Microsoft OnPremise Produkte nutzen.

    Dazu gehören u. a.:
    • Microsoft Windows Enterprise Betriebssystem Upgrade
    • Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus
      (Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher)
    • Microsoft Project LTSC Professional
    • Microsoft Visio LTSC Professional
  • Nutzung an persönlichen bzw. privaten Geräten:
    Auf persönlichen bzw. privaten Geräten können Mitglieder der Hochschule die oben genannten Microsoft 365 Produkte verwendet.

    Für diese Produkte wird ausschließlich die benutzerbezogene Lizenzierung verwendet. Daher ist eine Nutzung der Microsoft 365 Produkte nur mit einem gültigen Hochschulzugang möglich und muss im eIdentity Portal zunächst einmalig persönlich freigeschaltet werden.

NOTE: \\The student license does not include
Microsoft 365 Office Desktop programs!
Please refer to the notes in the section
License - Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for Students

To use Microsoft 365 software products, your one-time consent to the transfer of your data and the terms of use is mandatory.

NOTE: If you have already given your consent, you do not need to complete the following steps.

Carry out the following steps for consent and activation:

  • Click on the Microsoft 365 for staff or Microsoft 365 for students tile there:
    Microsoft 365 für Bedienstete or Microsoft 365 für Studierende
  • A new browser tab will open in the browser (CAUTION: deactivate pop-up blocker if necessary) with the activation page.
  • Check the box there to activate access to Microsoft 365:

    and agree to the terms of use:
  • Click on “Send” to activate the Microsoft 365 products.
  • After sending the consent, your data (first and last name, official e-mail address, etc.) will be transferred to the Microsoft 365 client of Jade University in the next synchronisation run and your licences will be assigned.

Die Synchronisation des Benutzereintrags mit dem Microsoft 365 Mandanten benötigt ca. 30 - 60 Minuten.
Erst nach erfolgreicher Synchronisation sind die Microsoft 365 Produkte nutzbar.

Lizenz - Anmeldung in den Microsoft 365 Produkten

Zur Aktivierung und Nutzung der Microsoft 365 Produkte ist eine Anmeldung beim Microsoft 365 Mandanten der Jade Hochschule erforderlich. Diese ist nach erfolgreicher Zustimmung und Freischaltung im eIdentity Portal möglich.

Im ersten Schritt geben Sie in der Anmeldemaske Ihre E-Mail-Adresse ein.
(in der Regel oder

Sofern bei Microsoft ein persönliches Konto für Ihre E-Mail Adresse existiert, erscheint die Auswahlmaske Konto auswählen.

In this case, be sure to select Business or School Account so that a correct login to the Active Directory Verbunddienst of Jade University can take place in the next step.

If there is no personal account with Microsoft, the login will automatically be forwarded to the Active Directory Verbunddienst of Jade University.

In der Anmeldemaske des Active Directory Verbunddienst der Jade Hochschule geben Sie bitte das Kennwort ihrer Hochschulzugangsdaten ein und klicken auf Anmelden.

After successful registration, you will be asked whether you would like to “Stay registered? “.

For public devices, “No” should be selected here in any case so that the login is not cached locally.

If this login window does not appear, this may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The approval and release has not yet been carried out.
  2. Synchronisation with Microsoft has not yet taken place and a personal account with Microsoft exists

Licence - Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus for students

As part of the Microsoft Campus contract, students can purchase the use of Microsoft 365 Office desktop programmes for installation on personal devices through our software distributor Asknet Studyhouse for an annual administration fee of 4.99 euros:

Use - Devices in the PC network system with ZENworks software distribution

The following software bundles (installation packages) based on Microsoft OnPremise licences are currently available in the ZENworks software distribution for computers in the PC network system:

  • Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus \ (Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher).
  • Microsoft Project LTSC Professional
  • Microsoft Visio LTSC Professional

The licensing of these products takes place via central activation servers and does not require user-specific activation.

To check whether the required Microsoft LTSC product is installed on your computer in the current version, first open the ZENworks Software Distribution window via:

  • ⇒ Start ⇒ All Programs ⇒ HRZ Software Menu.

In the ZENworks window, the Micrsoft Office LTSC software bundle (installation packages) is below.

  • ⇒ Applications ⇒ Microsoft Office the software bundle Microsoft Office LTSC Professional 2021


  • If the names of the software bundles do not correspond to the names mentioned above, you can load the current entries in the ZENworks software menu with the F5 key.
  • If you can still see the [X] at the top left of a software bundle, the current version of the software has not yet been installed for you on this unit.
  • To be on the safe side, close all open programmes before installing a software bundle, as they may block the installation. If in doubt, restart your computer and start the installation directly after logging in before starting another programme.

Use - Virtual Desktops

The following Microsoft LTSC products are directly implemented in the virtual desktops on the basis of Microsoft OnPremise licences:

  • Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus \ (Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher).
  • Microsoft Project LTSC Professional
  • Microsoft Visio LTSC Professional

Use - Staff members' official devices without connection to the PC network system

For official devices, such as notebooks and desktop PC devices, which are not integrated into the PC network system and do not participate in the ZENworks software distribution, installation packages based on Microsoft OnPremise licences for staff and teachers are available for the following products:

  • Microsoft Office Enterprise
  • Microsoft Project Professional
  • Microsoft Visio Professional

To install on Microsoft Windows, follow these steps:

  • Download the Microsoft Office LTSC installation package (packed ZIP file) from the central folder area X:\Downloads\Microsoft Campus\Office\VERSION via a network drive or the Webfiler to your computer.
    CAUTION: Please note the hints.txt in the respective download directory.
  • Unpack the downloaded ZIP file on your computer.
  • Open the command prompt (CMD) and change to the folder with the unpacked files.
  • Execute the corresponding CMD file to start the installation.
  • Follow the instructions of the installation wizard to complete the installation.
  • Afterwards, the Micrsoft LTSC programmes are available in the Start menu.

For installation on Apple MAC OS, perform the following steps:

  • Download the Microsoft Office LTSC installation packages (the PKG and ISO file) from the central folder area X:\Downloads\Microsoft Campus\Office for mac\VERSION via a Network Drive or the Webfiler to your computer.
  • Open the download directory in the Finder and install the downloaded Microsoft Office PKG package.
  • Once the Microsoft Office LTSC products have been installed, the software must be activated. To do this, open the downloaded ISO file and install the Microsoft_Office_LTSC_2021_VL_Serializer.pkg package contained.
  • After completing the two installation steps, the Microsoft Office LTSC programmes are available in the Finder area Programmes.
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