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Webex Teams

Apart from the use of Webex as a meeting platform, there is the possibility of using it as Webex Teams.
In Webex, it is possible to create virtual rooms to form e.g learning groups etc. In the following is a short guide on how to use Webex Teams.


If your Webex account is already activated you can log in via the link
After the login, you have the option to use Webex Teams in the Browser or to download the client.


After a successful login by using the client, you will see the following set-up.
Now you have the option to create different areas. Those areas can represent e.g learning groups, workshops etc.

After creating an area you are able to add other users but only activated Webex-User are able to do this.
Please, only add users with their email address of the university e.g. .

The following functions are now available for you:

  • to send messages
  • share content e.g. files
  • joint whiteboards
  • have audio and video meetings


If you have any questions feel comfortable to approach me under

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