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This troubleshooting assumes that you have requested a WebEx client. If this is not the case, please raise a ticket via the HRZ-Servicedesk

If the WebEx Computer App gives you the error “Connection to phone service is disconnected” there is a simple procedure to fix it.

After you have checked your internet connection and made sure that you are connected to the internet, follow these steps. 1:

1. click on the text “Connection to the telephone service has been disconnected”.
2. a login screen appears
3. enter your usual login data

If no login screen appears or if the error message continues to be displayed, proceed as follows. 1:

1. click on your profile picture
2. click on Help
3. click on status check

This should be as shown in the picture.

Click on Reset at the bottom of the screen.

You will then be logged out of WebEx and will need to log in again.

If problems persist, please contact Keno Bruns

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