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Quick Reference Guide

Function keys of the Cisco 7945 and 7965 telephones

Simple call

Enter the call number and press the “Dial” softkey or lift the handset. During dialling, the call number can be corrected at any time with the softkey “«”. If authorised, an outside line is dialled by entering a “0” beforehand.


A call can be transferred with or without consultation (enquiry before transfer): Softkey “Überg.” + number + if necessary consultation + 2nd time softkey “Transfer”. During the consultation, the subscriber can be taken back: Softkey “Call end” + Softkey “Pick up”.


Call forwarding can be done by pressing the softkey “Rufuml.” and entering the 4-digit internal call number. This is cancelled by simply pressing the “Call divert” softkey. External call forwarding causes costs for the call forwarding party.


Enter the call number and press the softkey “dial” or lift the handset.ä After the call partner has reported, press the softkeys “Continue” and “Confer.” must be pressed. Now enter the call number of the next subscriber and press the softkey “Konfer. This is possible for up to 8 internal or external participants. The softkeys “Next” + “Confer.” can be used to display the subscriber list.

Callback if the line is busy or the called party does not answer.

This feature is available system-wide for all telephones, but not for calls to the public telephone network. During the call to the subscriber, press the softkeys “Callback” + “End”, then there is a signalling from the desired call partner the next time the handset is put down. After the signalling, press the softkey “Dial” and the desired subscriber will ring.

Answering machine (voice mail)

A separate answering machine (voice mailbox) can be set up for each VoIP telephone. Please request the answering machine here by e-mail, the access data will then be sent to you. The configuration, discussing and listening to the answering machine is activated by the “message key” on the telephone. The configuration is voice menu-guided. Pressing the softkey “Rufuml.” and the number “8000” activates the answering machine. To deactivate the answering machine, press the softkey “Rufuml. softkey. When messages are received, the “message lamp” lights up red.

Conference now

Please write an e-mail to to be activated for this feature!

“Conference now” is a feature to start a telephone conference yourself. Both internal and external call partners can participate in this conference. The conference supports up to 5 participants and also video calls (video only internal).

At you must first log in to set a PIN and password.
To log in, use your user name (e.g. ab1234) with the corresponding password.

Then click on “General settings”.
There you need to set a “PIN For Telephone Services” (if you have an answering machine, this step is not necessary, the PIN is the same).

Under “Conference now” you set a participant access code. This secures access to your conference.
Your conference number is fixed (your own telephone number).

If you now want to start a conference, you must go through the following steps:

1. call +494421 985 2999 (internally you can dial the speed dial 2999) \ 2. enter your conference number (always your own internal number) and confirm with #
3. enter your PIN for telephone services to start the conference \.

This starts the conference.

Participants must do the following:

1. call +494421 985 2999 (internally you can dial the speed dial 2999) \. 2. enter the conference number and confirm by pressing # \ 3. enter the participant access code and confirm with # \

Now you are joining the conference.

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