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Apple macOS - Mail


  • Operation System: Apple macOS 10.10 Yosemite or newer
  • You own an e-mail account in the Exchange System of the Jade University

Setting Up an E-Mail Account

If the programme Mail is being started on the device for the first time ever, a set-up assistant automatically appears on screen.

Provided, you have already set up an e-mail account in the programme Mail, you can add another account by clicking on the menu Mail and then Accounts.

In both cases, select the account type Exchange and, if necessary, click on Fortfahren (ENG: „Continue“).

A configuration window, in which you have to enter the needed information, will appear.

Type in the name, e-mail-address and password of your Exchange-Online account. Finish the process by clicking the button Anmelden (ENG: „Login“).

After a first inspection, it can be necessary to tell the assistant your username. In this case, complete by typing in the username (PC-login) in the form (e.g.

Provided that all data have been entered correctly, the assistant wants to know the used apps (mail, contacts, calendar, reminder, notes).

Here you should let all check marks stay activated and close the settings by clicking Fertig (ENG: „Done“), so that all information of the Exchange online account can be synchronised with the Apple OSX apps.

After closing the assistant, macOS Mail will be started and a connection to your Exchange-Online account will be established. The Exchange-Online data will be synchronised with the selected apps.

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