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Mobile working

Here you will find information on the most important topics regarding the use of our services in the home office.

Data drives

You can access our data drives in these ways:

  • For occasional access only, use our WebFiler in the web browser.
  • For convenient access, install WebDrive and access the data drives in the file manager.
  • For complete access to software and the data drives, use a virtual desktop.

The underlying protocol is not suitable for direct access from the home office to the network drives.


You can access the Jade University email system in these ways:


There are essentially 2 systems in use:

  • Cisco Webex combines telephony, chat and meetings in one client.
  • Zoom Meetings are increasingly used in research and teaching.


Please use the Webex Client to make calls in your home office. Please do not forward calls to your private number.


Some software products require a connection to the Jade University network, e.g. for licensing reasons, this is established with the help of VPN.

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