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Short Name Description
ACI Application Centric Infrastructure Packet filter; responsible for access control of services
ADS Active Directory Services Directory service from Microsoft, used, among other things, for the logon of users to the PC network system
APIC Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Controller of the ACI
CCO Collaboration Cloud Office Office Package of ONLYOFFICE within the Collaboration Cloud
CCS Collaboration Cloud Storage Cloud-based storage of files with Nextcloud
DMS Document Management System
DNS Domain Name System System for resolving computer names
DNA Digital Network Architecture Global Network Management System; synonymous with new network and user authentication instead of client authentication
EPG Endpoint Group The access groups used by the ACI
SGT Security Group Tag Software Tag (Hex number) in the IP packet to control accesses in the network. Is translated to an EPG
IPAM IP Address Management Used as DNS and DHCP (in our case Infoblox)
ISE Identity Services Engine RADIUS server in the new network environment
PC-VS PC network system File, print and plot services in connection with a software provision
ZCM ZENworks Configuration Management PC image and software distribution software
ZENworks Zero Effort Networks meaningless network management
POS HIS-GX Examination Operations System (HIS-POSGX) HIS software of the GX generation for examination administration
SOS HIS-GX Student Operations System (HIS-SOSGX) HIS Software of the GX Generation for Student Administration
QIS HISQIS, QISPOS 1st generation of web-based HIS examination administration software
APP HISinOne Module APP Current generation of HIS software for application and allocation of study places
STU HISinOne Modul STU Current Generation of HIS Software for Student Management
EXA HISinOne Module EXA Current Generation of HIS Software for Examination and Event Management
ALU HISinOne Module ALU Current Generation of HIS Software for Alumni, Career Service, Fundraising
PSV HISinOne module PSV Personalised Services and Directories provides the current generation of HIS software with cross-module basic services
SYS HISinOne Module SYS Designation of the infrastructure in the context of HISinOne
BIA HISinOne Module BIA Business Intelligence Application, application for cross-module evaluation of HISinOne data
RES HISinOne Module RES Current Generation of HIS Software for Research Management
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Uninterruptible Power Supply in the Server and Infrastructure Area
SDA Software Defined Access Software-based network control via the DNA, Cisco Properitär (generally also known as SDN)
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