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Mailing Lists

Usage of the Mailing Lists

Members of the Jade University can send e-mails to different groups of users via mailing lists. The currently public mailing lists are:

usergroup Mailing Lists Homepage
employee Info
employee Elsfleth Info
employee Oldenburg Info
employee Wilhelmshaven Info
professor Info
professor Elsfleth Info
professor Oldenburg Info
professor Wilhelmshaven Info
students Info
students Elsfleth Info
male students Elsfleth Info
female students Elsfleth Info
students Oldenburg Info
male students Oldenburg Info
female students Oldenburg Info
students Wilhelmshaven Info
male students Wilhelmshaven Info
female students Wilhelmshaven Info
students departement architecture Info
students departement architecture geo-information health technology Info
students departement engineering science Info
students departement management, information, technology Info
students departement seafaring and logistics Info
students departement economy Info
IT-Service for students in Elsfleth Info
IT-Service for students in Oldenburg Info
IT-Service for students in Wilhelmshaven Info
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