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Frequently Asked Questions


Storage and Handling of the Chip-Card

The CampusCard you received should always be treated and stored carefully because of its multifunctional purpose (integrated chip, imprint). It is recommended to always keep your CampusCard inside the slipcover that comes with it. Mechanical pressure (bending or curving the card) is to be avoided. If not, the card may be damaged and have malfunctioned. In case a replacement card is issued, the costs are to be paid by the user of the CampusCard if he or she is responsible for the damage.

The following information is visible on the surface of the CampusCard:

  • Last Name, First Name
  • Matriculation Number
  • Semester Ticket
  • Library Number / Barcode
  • Access Number

The following information is saved on the MIFARE chip:

  • Matriculation Number
  • Library Number
  • Access Number
  • PKZ (Status: Student, Staff, Guest)
  • Semester Ticket Info (valid from / to)
  • Period of Validity

How do I receive my card?

The application of the CampusCard automatically happens when the application papers arrive at the Jade University, except if it is an application for a replacement card.

What does "validate" mean?

Validating means that the current information is being imprinted onto the CampusCard. This includes new information about the period of validity for the student ID and the semester ticket. You can validate your CampusCard at the validating machines.

All the validating machines can be found here:

  • WHV: Main Building
  • OL: Main Building
  • ELS: Weserstraße 52

Is it possible to validate the semester ticket in Oldenburg, even if you are a student in Wilhelmshaven?

The student IDs and semester tickets of the Jade University can be validated at every location of the university, irrespective of where you study. This is due to a comprehensive system.

How is the semester ticket pictured on my card?

The semester ticket function of the CampusCard is pictured on a TRW film on the left of the front side. The period of validity is always supplied with a start date and a terminal date for making sure that the semester ticket is only used as long as legitimate.

Out of which components is my card made?

The CampusCard of the Jade University is made of PVC plastic with ISO standard/credit card (86 x 54 x 0,76mm). A MIFARE chip and TRW film are also manufactured.

What is a TRW film?

The TRW (thermo-re-writable) film is a component of the CampusCard. There is a two-centimetre long stripe applied on the front side, which allows reapplying the current data (semester ticket info, general validity).

How many times can I validate my CampusCard?

The rewritable film can be applied up to 500 times.

How do I activate my library card?

The CampusCard can be activated as a library card in the libraries of the respective university locations. Please ask the library staff to help you.

How can I upload my picture for the CampusCard?

When applying for matriculation, the picture can be directly uploaded in the Jade eCampus. While doing so, you should use the Mozilla Firefox internet browser on your computer, because problems can occur if you use any other browser or your phone.

If you would like to upload a picture later in the process, you can do it as described in the following: After logging into the Jade eCampus, go to “Mein Studium” (ENG: “My Course of Study”) and “Studienservice” (ENG: “Student Service”). After that, go to “Meine Daten” (ENG: “My Data”), click “Bearbeiten Sie Ihre Dateien” (ENG: “Edit your Data”). Now scroll down to the end of the page. There you will find an area called “Bild hochladen” (ENG: “Upload Picture”). Upload your picture and click “Speichern” (ENG: “Save”).

What does the CampusCard cost?

The first CampusCard you receive is free. If you hand in an application for a replacement card, you may be asked to pay fees (e.g. if you are responsible for the damage).


How do I lock the card?

If your campus card gets lost or is not fully functional anymore, the owner should go and get it locked in his or her vested interest as soon as possible. You can initiate the lock in the following locations:

  • in Wilhelmshaven - Computing Centre
  • in Oldenburg - Computing Centre
  • in Elsfleth - Computing Centre

You can also apply for the lock of your CampusCard online via our servicedesk.

How do I get a replacement card?

The issuing of the replacement card only happens after a successfully initiated lock. Therefore, it is necessary to fill in the application. If the owner is responsible for the loss or damage of the first CampusCard, he or she must pay 15,00€ to get the replacement card. Potential money left on the old CampusCard (wallet) can be handled in a separate process by the student union in Oldenburg.

How do I get the remaining money?

The credit balance can be refunded by the Studentenwerk Oldenburg in its own procedure. To do this, you can apply for a refund online:

Important! Since the balance check can take up to four weeks, you can enter a different e-mail address for payment notification in the event of imminent exmatriculation.

Repeated Matriculation

Do I get to use my semester ticket in the semester breaks / transitional periods?

Yes. The period of validity is pictured in two periods, which follow the other directly (e.g. from September 1st 2010 to February 28th 2011). The validation of the card should happen after the matriculation for the next semester is fully completed and in advance of a potential depart for the time of semester break.

The semester ticket imprint is referring to two consecutive semesters. (The validation happens in the current semester right after you have matriculated yourself again for the subsequent semester.)

When is the update of the semester ticket possible?

Already ten days after the termination of the period of time you get to matriculate, it is possible to update the info of your semester ticket for the subsequent semester.

Error Indications

I receive a signal saying "Registrierung fehlgeschlagen" (ENG:"registration failed") when I try to print at a MFD (multifunctional device)

In this case, there might be a problem with the chip number of your CampusCard. Its purpose is to allocate the print order to the user. Please visit the computing centre and ask for help.

"Löschkarte, gehe zu Terminal..." (ENG: "Deletion card, go to terminal...")

This indicates that the card has a lock flag on the electronic wallet. This leads to the card being denied at all machines, which communicate with the wallet function (printing terminals, washing machines, cup machines, canteen cash registers etc.). In this case, the card needs to be neutralised where it was used last (vending machine, cash register, terminal or cup machine).

HC-Equipment Group:

  • 14 Controlling of the Waching Machine e.g.: WM9880Lan
  • 26 Vending e.g.: VT2880 - Cup Machines
  • 32 Upvalue Machine PC e.g.: AddVaue Bar
  • 37 InterCard Mini Cash Register
  • 38 InterCard Cash Register (e.g. Canteen Cash Register)
  • 42 InterCard BGS Client - Machine for Library Fees
  • 43 Personalisation (CMS, ICMS) - Card Production
  • 44 Card Tool / Card Editor smart.EDIT
  • 46 smartONE Copy- and Printing Terminal (Overview about the Copy- and Printing Terminals)
  • 47 nline Upvaluation Machine (smartUP Bar / EC)
  • 48 nline Devaluation Machine (smartMOVE, -TAX, ..)

Printing and Copying at the multifunctional devices

Can I print from my personal Notebook

Via wifi, it is possible to connect your personal notebook with the multifunctional device. But to print with the multifunctional devices it is necessary to have an account at the Jade University. Further information and the guide on how to use the multifunctional devices you find here.

I received an error report "registration failed"...

This could be caused by the chip serial number: Please go to the computing centre and ask for help.

For how long will the printing jobs be saved?

Every print jobs get a “timestamp” and are saved for 24 hours. After 24 hours the printing jobs will be deleted.

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