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The integrated wallet allows cashless payment on the campus.

All areas of payment for the CampusCard will be developped and equipped in the following order:

Recharging the Wallet

The wallet can be recharged at special machines, which only accept euro banknotes. The maximum amount is set by the student union and currently amounts 75€. You can find the machines here:

  • WHV: Main Building, Library, Canteen Cash Registers
  • OL: Canteen Cash Registers, Library
  • ELS: Canteen Cash Registers, Library

How to Pay Out the Remaining Money from the CampusCard Wallet

If the CampusCard functions properly, it should be no problem to get your money back at the canteen cash registers. If the CampusCard is physically damaged or if it got lost, you have to fill out and hand in an application at your local computing centre.

Important! As the balance check can take up to four weeks, you can enter a different e-mail address for payment notification in the event of imminent exmatriculation.

Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Electronic Wallet

Important: Terms and conditions for the use of the electronic wallet to pay cashless.

Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Electronic Wallet

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