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Semester Ticket

The semester ticket is pictured on the left of the front side. According to the agreement with the Verkehrsverbund Bremen-Niedersachsen (VBN), who releases the semester ticket, the following components can be found on the card:

  • The logo of the VBN
  • the term semester ticket
  • the period of validity (from/until)

The semester ticket is only valid within a given period of validity (from/until). There is no correlation with the general validity of the CampusCard (bottom right corner: “valid until”).

Current information regarding the semester ticket:


The semester ticket can be refunded by filing an application. In doing so, this order has to be followed:

  1. Filling in the application and handing it in at or sending it to the AStA
  2. Deleting the semester ticket in the matriculation office (WHV, OL) or registry (ELS)
  3. Finishing the process at the AStA
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