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List of Terminals for Copying and Printing

Location: Elsfleth

Location of Setup MF-Device Terminal
An der Weinkaije 3, 5505ci ELS-UTAX-1 ELS-Smart1-201
Weserstr. 52, 1. floor, foyer, CD1242 ELS-UTAX-2 ELS-Smart1-202
Weserstr. 52, 2. floor ELS-UTAX-3 ELS-Smart1-203
An der Kaje 3, 1. floor, corridor, 2500ci ELS-UTAX-4 ELS-Smart1-204

Location: Oldenburg

Location of Setup MF-Device Terminal
MR114, 5505ci OL-UTAX-1 OL-Smart1-101
HG, foyer, 5555i OL-UTAX-2 OL-Smart1-102
Z222, 3505ci OL-UTAX-3 OL-Smart1-103
library, 3505ci OL-UTAX-4 OL-Smart1-104
H16, 5505ci OL-UTAX-5 OL-Smart1-105
MR114, 3560i OL-UTAX-5 OL-Smart1-106
H16, 5505ci OL-UTAX-6 OL-Smart1-107
G10, 2500ci OL-UTAX-8 OL-Smart1-108
V16, 2500ci OL-UTAX-9 OL-Smart1-109

Location: Wilhelmshaven

Location of Setup MF-Device Terminal
HG, foyer, left, 5555i WHV-UTAX-1 WHV-Smart1-1
HG, foyer, centre, 5505ci WHV-UTAX-2 WHV-Smart1-2
HG, foyer, right, 5505ci WHV-UTAX-6 WHV-Smart1-6
HG, administration, corridor, 1242 WHV-UTAX-7 WHV-Smart1-7
HG, machine hall, corridor, 1242 WHV-UTAX-14 WHV-Smart1-14
HG, 1. floor, corridor, 5505ci WHV-UTAX-15 WHV-Smart1-15
HG, 2. floor, corridor, 3560i WHV-UTAX-16 WHV-Smart1-16
SG, SE22, 5505ci WHV-UTAX-5 WHV-Smart1-5
SG, printing office, 5555i WHV-UTAX-3 WHV-Smart1-3
SG, library WHV-UTAX-8 WHV-Smart1-8
SG, administration, corridor, 1242 WHV-UTAX-9 WHV-Smart1-9
SG, 3. floor, corridor, 3560i WHV-UTAX-13 WHV-Smart1-13
WG, ground floor, main entrance, 5505ci WHV-UTAX-10 WHV-Smart1-10
WG, 1. floor, corridor, 1242 WHV-UTAX-11 WHV-Smart1-11
OG, 1. floor, O117, 1242 WHV-UTAX-12 WHV-Smart1-12
OG, ground floor, FLP**, 5505ci WHV-UTAX-17 WHV-Smart1-17
SG, SE22, 5505ci WHV-UTAX-18 WHV-Smart1-18
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