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Ubuntu Linux

Note: Please note that setup and printing only works within the Jade University network.


  • Usually, sufficient printer drivers are already included in the default installation of Ubuntu.


  • Installing these packages
sudo apt install python3-smbc smbclient system-config-printer
  • printer → add printer …
  • In the field “Enter either a network-…”:
  • Click → Unlock
    • Username: domain log in (Form:
    • Password: <Your password in the PC network system>
    • Click unlock
  • Select your wanted printer in the window “add printer”
    • Example: hrz-hpclje78625-1
  • Click “select”
  • Select printer driver: Select a suitable driver, usually the recommended driver
    • Example: Hewlett-Packard → HP Color LaserJet MFP E78228 Postscript
  • Click “select”
  • Click on the Settings icon → Print Options
    • Page setup
      • Double-sided: Long margin (default)
  • Click on the Settings icon → printer details
    • Location: <location>, <room>
      • Example: WHV, SE62

The first time you print, you should now log in to the server

  • Username: domain log in (Form:
  • Password: <Your password in the PC network system>

If the job is waiting for authentication, the problem can be solved as follows:

sudo systemctl stop cups
nano /etc/cups/printers.conf

# AuthInfoRequired none
AuthInfoRequired username,password

sudo systemctl start cups


  • Within your application, click on “Print”, select the desired printer and start the printing process.
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