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Apple macOS


Driver: First you need to install the appropriate plotter driver for your device.

  • Go to the plotter manufacturer's website.
  • Select the appropriate driver for your device
  • Download the driver
  • Install this driver (e.g. by double-clicking on the downloaded .dmg file)

Device: System Preferences / Printers & Scanners

  • Add (+ icon)
    • One time: Right mouse button on the toolbar: Customize Toolbar
    • One time: Drag and drop the favorite “Advanced” to the toolbar
  • Advanced
    • Type: Windows printer via spoolss
    • URL: smb://<print server name>/<printer name>
      • Print server name
      • printer name
        • This can usually be found on the device, e.g. in the form ol-mr105-plotter or whv-se22-plotter1.
      • Example URL
        • smb://
        • smb://
    • Name: Same as printer name (see above).
      • Example: ol-mr105-plotter
      • Example: whv-se22-plotter1
    • Location: <location>, <room>
      • Example: OL, MR105
      • Example: WHV, SE22
    • Use:
      • (Printer) Select Software: Select the driver downloaded above here.
    • Connect as registered user


Problems with login

Please check if the Windows workgroup HS-WOE is set: System settings → Network → more options → WINS → Workgroup

If the print dialogue shows “Waiting for authentication” and nothing else happens, the printer must be set to “Force password entry”. This is most easily done in the terminal with the following commands:

sudo launchctl stop org.cups.cupsd
sudo sed -i.bak 's/AuthInfoRequired negotiate/AuthInfoRequired username,password/g' /etc/cups/printers.conf
sudo launchctl start org.cups.cupsd

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