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Apple macOS

Currently, printing to multifunction devices from Apple devices only works via the InterCard User Service web page: here you can drop or upload a document to be printed under mobilePrint, and see your already set print jobs under Print Jobs.

Note: Please note that setup and printing only works within the Jade University network.


  • Determine your Apple macOS version
    • Apple icon (top left) → About this Mac.
  • Select the following driver
    • Product name: 5505ci
    • Search in the website for your Apple macOS version determined above
    • Download the latest driver
  • Install the driver by unzipping it and double-clicking on the .dmg file.


* system settings / printer & scanner * Add (+ icon) * Once: Right mouse button on the toolbar: Customise Toolbar * Once: Drag and drop the favourite “Advanced” to the toolbar * Extended * Type: Windows printer via spoolss

  • URL: smb://
  • Name: QPilot

* Location: Campus Jade University * Use → Select software..: TA/UTAX 5505ci (KPDL) * Add * QPilot configure * Paper feeds: Kassetten 3,4

* Finder → Programs → Utilities → Terminal

# Turn on authentication
sudo lpadmin -p QPilot -o auth-info-required=username,password
# Control (patience, it takes a while to enter).
sudo cat /etc/cups/printers.conf

At the latest when printing for the first time, the print server login dialogue will appear: * Connect as: Registered user (cf. also the note below).

  • Name: domain login (form:
  • Password: <your password in the PC network system>.
  • Save password in keychain: activated


  • Within your application, click on “Print”, select the multifunction device “QPilot” and start printing.
  • Go to a multifunction device, insert your CampusCard into the reader and select the document you want to print.
  • Alternatively, open the InterCard User Service website.
    • Under mobilePrint you can store or upload a document to be printed.
    • Under print jobs you can see the print jobs you have already set up.


Please check the following settings:

  • System Settings → Network → More Options… → WINS → Workgroup: HS-WOE
  • Programs → Utilities → Keychain Management
    • Search for ccm-qpilot-1 and delete the associated keys.
  • Restart the Mac.
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