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Microsoft Windows

Note: Please note that setup and printing will only work within the Jade University network.


  • In Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer!), enter the appropriate print server in the address line: \\\.
  • If your device is not integrated in the PC-Verbundsystem (e.g. notebooks), the login window “Windows Security” appears and you have to log in:
    • User name: Domain login (form:
    • Password: your password in the PC network system
    • Save login data: activated
  • Right-click on the multifunction device “QPilot” and select “Connect”.


  • Within your application, click on “Print”, select the multifunction device “QPilot” and start printing.
  • Go to a multifunction device, insert your CampusCard into the reader and select the document you want to print.
  • Alternatively, open the InterCard User Service website.
    • Under mobilePrint you can store or upload a document to be printed.
    • Under print jobs you can see the print jobs you have already set up.
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