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Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2019


  • Operation System: Apple macOS 10.13 High Sierra or newer
  • Office Service Pack: Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac 16.31 or newer
  • You own an e-mail account in the Exchange System of the Jade University

First Start of Outlook for Mac After the Installation

During the first start after installation, the assistant for the set-up of Outlook 2019 for Mac starts. To finish, click on the item Mit der Verwendung von Outlook 2019 beginnen (ENG: „Start with the use of Outlook 2019“), in order to start the assistant E-Mail einrichten (ENG: „Set up e-mail“) (c.f. section “Set Up New E-Mail Account”).

Adding Another E-Mail Account

Provided, you have already configured e-mail accounts on Outlook for Mac, go to Outlook and Einstellungen (ENG: „Settings“), in order to add another e-mail account.

In the window Outlook-Einstellungen (ENG: „Outlook Settings“), select the point Konten (ENG: „Accounts“) to get to the account management.

To add another e-mail account, click on the + symbol at the bottom in the left corner and select Neues Konto (ENG: „New Account“).

Setting Up A New E-Mail Account

First, you enter the e-mail-address of your Exchange account and click on Weiter (ENG: „Next“).

The assistant starts searching for the account settings. When being asked for the Anbieter (ENG: „Provider“) of the e-mail account, click on Exchange.

In the next step, the assistant requests missing information. First, please check the entered e-mail-address of your Exchange account and select the option Benutzername und Kennwort [ENG: „Username and Password“) at Methode (ENG: „Method“).

Type in your username (PC-login) in the form (e.g. into the input box DOMÄNE\Benutzername oder E-Mail (ENG: „Domain/Username or E-Mail“) and the password, which you use to log into your Exchange account, into the input box Kennwort (ENG: „Password“).

After input/confirmation (Button: Konto hinzufügen [ENG: „Add Account“]) of the information, the assistant configures the e-mail account with the correct settings.

To finish, close the configuration assistant by clicking the button Fertig (ENG: „Done“).

After closing the assistant, Microsoft Outlook for Mac will be started and a connection to your Exchange account will be established. Exchange server data will be synchronised with Outlook 2019 for Mac.

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