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Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 7

Start / System Control / Network and Sharing Centre: Manage Wireless Networks

  • Add / Manually create a network profile
    • Network Name (SSID): eduroam
    • Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
    • Encryption Type: AES
  • Change Connection Settings / Security Tab:
    • Control „Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)“
    • Settings
      • Trusted Root Certification Authorities: Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2
      • Authentification Method: Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)
        • Configuration: Do not (!) automatically tick own Windows login name and password
  • After a short time, the notification „Informationen für die Verbindung mit eduroam erforderlich“ (ENG: „Information necessary for the connection with eduroam“) appears in the information area. Click it.
  • Windows-Security / Username: Complete username (form:
  • Set Network Address: Workplace Network

Microsoft Windows 8

Desktop / Wi-Fi-Network in the Information Area / eduroam: Connect

  • Username: Complete username (form:
  • Password: Your password in the network system of computers
  • Identity Warning: Click on „Connect“

Microsoft Windows Phone 8

Settings / Wi-Fi: eduroam

  • Username: Complete username (form:
  • Password: Your password
  • Check Server Certificate: Off
  • Done
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