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Print server changeover

Due to necessary conversion work, the previous print servers at the three locations will be replaced by a new print server. Since the printer connections are part of the personal user profile on each computer you log on to, the printers must also be changed for each user on each computer to be used.

Important: To change the print server, your PC/notebook must be connected to the network of the Jade Hochschule (LAN or WLAN connection).

Manual change

The manual conversion includes the removal of the previous printer connections to the respective print server and the subsequent new setup to the new print server GLOB-PS2, see printer set up.

Automated conversion

Another option is the automated conversion of existing printers to the new print server using a script solution.


The file X:\HRZ-Support\Print Server Conversion\setnewps_v2.vbe (access via the data drives) must be executed by double-clicking. The script determines the existing network printers and then asks if the determined printers should be converted to the new print server. Only printers confirmed by the user will be switched over. During the changeover of the individual printers, there are smaller pauses of about 5 seconds.

Possible errors

  • The printer has not been changed - the previous printer has been removed
    • This indicates that the previous device is not present on the new server.
  • Problems in the visibility of the printers
    • Under Microsoft Windows 10 there may be problems with printer visibility. These are then visible in the print dialogues, for example, but not at the Windows 10 system level. This is a display problem that must be corrected manually.

In such cases please contact the ticket system or via E-Mail the computing centre.

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