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Multifunctional Devices

Range of Functions

Members of the Jade University can access the following functions when using the multifunctional devices:

  • printing in the formats A4 and A3
  • printing in b/w and colour
  • copying of print products
  • scanning onto a locally connected USB-stick

Locations and Status

The locations and the status of the multifunctional devices can be found under Service-Status.


In order to use the printing-function of the multifunctional devices, the site-specific printer-queue needs to be integrated.

Add a Printer:

  • Wilhelmshaven: \\whv-pms1\whv-pms-color (for coloured prints) | \\whv-pms1\whv-pms-sw (for black/white prints)
  • Oldenburg: \\ol-pms1\ol-pms-color (for coloured prints) | \\ol-pms1\ol-pms-sw (for black/white prints)
  • Elsfleth: \\els-pms1\els-pms-color (for coloured prints) | \\els-pms1\whv-pms-sw (for black/white prints)

Usage of the Multifunctional Devices and Paying With the CampusCard Wallet

All members of the Jade University can recharge the wallet of their CampusCard and use it to pay for their print and copy jobs at the multifunctional devices. Recharging a CampusCard is possible via cash inflow into the special machines or by cash inflow at the canteens.

Usage of the Multifunctional Devices via Cost Unit on the CampusCard

The staff of the Jade University can register a cost unit on their CampusCard. This cost unit is then charged with the executed print and copy jobs. Please turn to the computing centre, if you want to register a cost unit.

Price Table for Copied and Printed Pages at the Multifunctional Devices

Labelling Costs
DIN A4, b/w, one-sided 0,03 €
DIN A4, b/w, double-sided 0,06 €
DIN A4, coloured, one-sided 0,06 €
DIN A4, coloured, double-sided 0,12 €
DIN A3, b/w, one-sided 0,06 €
DIN A3, b/w, double-sided 0,12 €
DIN A3, coloured, one-sided 0,12 €
DIN A3, coloured, double-sided 0,24 €

To use the multifunctional devices, you need to send your print job from either one of the computers in the PC-rooms of the computing centre or your end device (cf. Set-Up-Apple, Set-Up-Linux, Set-Up-Microsoft) to one of the following printers:

  • els-pms-sw for print jobs in Elsfleth in b/w
  • els-pms-color for print jobs in Elsfleth in colour
  • ol-pms-sw for print jobs in Oldenburg in b/w
  • ol-pms-color for print jobs in Oldenburg in colour
  • whv-pms-sw for print jobs in Wilhelmshaven in b/w
  • whv-pms-color for print jobs in Wilhelmshaven in colour

The print jobs can be called up and printed out within 24 hours at one of the multifunctional devices.

Contingent Queries

You can inquire the current contingent of your CampusCard at any terminal of the multifunctional devices at all times.


We recommend securing your CampusCard with a PIN for the use of the copy- and print systems. This way, it is prevented that others misuse it at your expense, in case you lose your CampusCard. You can activate this option with the F3-key at the terminal.

You can have an insight into your active print jobs at the multifunctional devices.

Print Job Overview Elsfleth

Print Job Overview Oldenburg Job Overview Wilhelmshaven