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Cisco Jabber is now integrated with Cisco Webex. Please uninstall Cisco Jabber from your systems and use Cisco Webex.


For Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X operating systems, you can download the software from the following links:

Cisco Jabber for Windows

Cisco Jabber for Apple OS X


After installing and starting Cisco Jabber, the first thing that happens is a discover process.

Please enter your here, e.g.

To log in, please enter only your user name and your university password. Using the extension for at this point will result in an error. If you are within the university or you are using Cisco Jabber in a virtual desktop, the login mask will change, see below.

After logging in, the Cisco Jabber window opens.

Add contacts

  • To add a new contact either search for the desired contact in the search bar and add it.
  • To add a contact via the search bar, click on the “plus” icon next to the contact's name.
  • After selecting the contact, a group can be created. This is recommended. To create a group, click on the “New group” button and assign the desired name to the group. If you have several groups, you must select the group accordingly when adding a new contact. If a contact does not appear in the contact list after being added, that person does not have a Cisco Jabber user account, nor is that person saved as an Outlook contact.
  • If you want your contacts to have a display picture in Cisco Jabber, the person must exist as an Outlook contact with a picture. Note: If a contact is not displayed correctly, or if a picture does not synchronise, please restart the Cisco Jabber client once.

Settings * The selection of the audio device to be used by default is done via Settings –> Audio. Under the point Advanced » you define the order top-down. ^ ^ ^ Operation**

  • To specify whether you want to use your computer or phone to make calls, click the phone selection icon in the lower left corner of the Cisco Jabber client and choose between:
    • Use my computer for calls
    • Use my phone for calls
  • Using the same icon, you can set up a forwarding by selecting “Forward calls to”.
  • To call a contact, hover over the contact and press the handset icon. For multiple numbers, select the desired number from the menu.
  • Calls can also be made by entering the person's number in the search bar.
  • If you click on the “Calls” icon, you can track calls made (grey) and missed (red). By clicking on the handset, the person can be called directly.
  • After clicking on the voicemail symbol, individual messages can be listened to on the PC (if an answering machine has been requested in the HRZ).
  • The status of the contact is displayed with different colours and information:
    • Green: Contact is available
    • Orange: contact is absent or in a conversation
    • Red: Contact does not want to be disturbed
    • Grey: Contact is offline

Jabra Headset

The download for Jabra Direct can be downloaded for Windows or MAC at the following link: Jabra Direct

After downloading, please install and start the software.

Use the button Updates to check for updates and install them if necessary. Under Settings, please check whether Preferred Softphone is set to Cisco Jabber.

Please log in to the Cisco Jabber Client. If you are already logged in, please log out and log in again.

Please open the audio settings in the settings “Gear options” and check under “Advanced” whether “Jabra Evolve LINK” is in position 1. If this is not the case, please adjust using the arrow keys and click “Apply”.

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