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Group-folders are folders outside of your personal memory area, which are not attributed to your personal storage contingent and are not deleted if you leave the university. They are, for instance, suitable for projects.

With the aid of the release function, group members are able to add further members and relatives of the university, but also externals.



With the right of “Writing”, group members are able to edit and save data in the group-file.


With the right of “Delete” group members are able to delete data in the group-file.


With the right “Share” group members are able to give other person access on the group-file. This is possible via a Link.

enable: share → input field “name, Federated-Cloud-ID or e-Mail-address”

  • With the full name or the e-mail- address in the input field, all group members are enabled to give individual-related permission. All users of the Jade University and also the contacts of the collaboration cloud are shown.
  • The access can be equipped with further attributes.
  • The entitled person receives an automated e-mail.

Link: share → share link

  • By clicking on the “+” right next to “share link” all group members are able to create a link.
  • This link can be equipped with further attributes.
    • Password: You need to set a password for the link.
  • This link can be send to various people (also externals) via e-mail.


You can recognise group-files by the symbol . The name starts with the prefix“JHS-GO-” and the provision takes place in the root folder of the CCS

Take note: Group folders are not automatically synchronised by the nextcloud desktop client. You can activate the synchronisation of the data manually in the nextcloud desktop client if needed.


Group files need to be requested by members and relatives of the Jade University via the ticket system (topic: “Collaboration Cloud”) and should include the following aspects:

  • Name of the group file: name needs to outline the content
  • owner: the responsible person for the requested file
  • group members: person, who should be entitled to the file
  • size: needed capacity in GB, standardly 10GB


  • Only members and relatives of the Jade University, except students, can be the owner or a group member. Please name the user name, or full name and e-mail.
  • Normally students are not entitled by the computing centre. But group members can give students access to their responsibility.
  • Please take note that storage is very expensive so limit yourself on the needed space.
  • If you don't want the entitlement “share”, don't be afraid of telling us.
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