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The Helpdesk service group deals with all user requests to the university computing centre. The service group offers the following services:

User Administration

The user administration service handles all topics related to identities in the IT systems of the Jade University, i.e. creating, changing and deleting user accounts. More information can be found


The CampusCard service is responsible for creating and maintaining the personalized and multifunctional CampusCard. More information can be found here.

Remote Maintenance

For remote maintenance, the HRZ uses the pcvisit software from pcvisit Software AG, with which the remote maintenance server is operated in the university. With the help of remote maintenance, the HRZ can work with employees on various tasks. More information can be found here.

IT-Service for students

The IT Service for Students (ITSfS) should primarily help the students in their daily work with all technical questions about IT. More information can be found here.

Customer Support

General customer support describes the part of the support for all members and relatives of the university that is carried out by email, in person or by telephone.

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