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Virtual Desktops

With aid of the instigation of a virtual desktop-infrastructure (VDI), virtual desktops are provided, with which the members of the university

  • can access the network system of computers of the Jade University, irrespective of time, location and room.
  • can use all software products on campus that are offered and licensed.
  • come upon a work environment that is not dependent on the end device (Bring your own device – BYOD).

The offered virtual desktop is part of the network system of computers and is provided through the „PC over IP“-protocol (PCoIP).

Remark: The current infrastructure is suitable for the instigation of virtual desktops with standard Office applications, at the moment. It is not yet suitable for special graphic applications (image editing, CAD), Real Time Audio & Video (RTAV) applications (videoconferences), computationally intensive applications and as programming environment.